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Compressed Air Technologies developed a new Continuous Blending System with very high safety features and a very competitive price.


Compressed Air Technologies is the Asian Distributor for the newly developed high-tech Oxygen Generators (producing 99.99% pure oxygen).


High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors


Compressors from 3.5 to 22 cfm (100 to 625 lpm), 225 or 330 bar, e.g. used for diving, fire fighting, paint ball shooting and military

Fill Stations and Accessories


Fill panels and customised solutions, auto drains, filtration, hour meters. We are specialised in customised live aboard and private yacht installation.

Nitrox and Nitrogen Systems


Nitrox and nitrogen generators (membrane systems, air separation). Blending and continuous blending systems. We always have been and still are market leader in Asia for nitrox generators

Paintball Compressors


High pressure compressors suitable for paintball systems

Compressor Consumables and Spare Parts


Activated carbon, oils, felt pads, activated alumina, molecular sieves etc.

Desalination Units and Water Treatment


Salt and brackish water reverse osmosis desalination systems, from 200 liters per day to ... (no limit). UV treatment and filtration, chemicals, RO consumables

Safety and Testing Equipment and Tools


Hydro-testing equipment, infrared thermometers, Amp clamps, diesel oil fuel analysing kits, emergency oxygen kits in all sizes

Boating Accessories


Anti fouling paints, engine room ventilation, electrical control panels, consulting (specialised in outfitting live aboard dive boats and remote resorts)




Aftersales services, agents and service centres, hydro-testing of gas cylinders, upcoming seminars

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